Who we are

W-CARP is an international student organization that inspires and empowers young people by engaging them in study and application of the Universal Principles.

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Our goal is to work on ourselves, so that we can become a contribution and inspiration for the people around us. We want to create a positive environment and possibilities for those who are not indifferent and want to make the world a better place.

Our values

Integrity and development

Clear visions, values and goals, self-development, character development, spiritual growth


Initiative, responsibility and credibility


Mutual support and trust, respect, motivation, inspiration

Dream big

Pursuing bold goals and dreams, challenging our limits, overcoming obstacles



The World Collegiate Association for Research of the Principle – W-CARP was established for study and research of Principles that are connected with the desire of human beings to find deeper meaning of life and develop their character. Its basis was founded in 1955 in South Korea by Rev. Son Myong Mun. In 1973 CARP chapter was also established also in United States and from there spread to other countries. Nowadays there are W-CARP chapters in USA, Korea, Japan, England, Austria, Albania, Nepal or Philippines.

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