Experience the city in a different way…

On the 17th September CARP took part in the “Zažít město jinak” (Experience the city in a different way…) event. Our volunteers support this event in the streets Bořivojova and Vlkova in Prague. And how it was? We did not have enough volunteers in the beginning but eventually found our places in the tents situated on the edges of the mentioned streets. There we sold the recyclable and reusable NICK NACK cups, tickets for ruffle and gave people information about this event. “This event here, it’s eh.. for free? And what happening here anyway?!” We heard lot of similar questions. Most of the time our answers went like: “Yes, this is a street neighbourhood festival, there are various workshops, activities for children, some performing bands and also a good food. And if you want to have drink here, we will sell you this cup for deposit of 50 CZK – that’s because we want to minimise the waste. So would you like one?”. After some time another group of volunteers arrived and we could man all the entry posts.

We were quite busy so there was only little time to go around and check what is happening. There was lot of good food in Bořivojova street, you could have halal gyros, sandwiches, deserts, coffee and various kinds of vegetarian or vegan snacks. The main stage was located in the same street. The bands played there and it was the place where the ruffle draw was moderated by Gordon from Žižkovšiška. Shortly after lunch one of the main organisers Bára came to remind us, that the ruffle draw is coming soon. We went to the crowds and sold the “last moment” tickets. “The draw is in 20 minutes, do you have ruffle tickets? You can win vouchers for nice lunch, gift packages from local shop or beautiful handbag!”. This was our typical line. “Mhhmm that sounds interesting, how much is one ticket? You say 50? Ok give me two!”. In the end we managed to sold quite a lot of tickets. That was needed, because there were really a lot of prices. At least 10 in every draw!

In the evening the rain came and many people decided to evacuate the festival quickly. We had around one and a half hour for rest (apart from those of us situated in front of DJ stage). When the rain became less severe, people started to come back. There were more and more foreigners and have realised how many of them actually live in Žižkov. It is indeed a cosmopolitan part of Prague! After 10 in the evening Gordon announced the end of the event on the main podium. We quickly put or stands in order, brought them what we earned for cups and ruffle and said goodbye to Bara and others. We were tired, but satisfied. We met lot of nice people and learned a lot about event organisation. This way we would like to thank to Bára, Jenda, Gordon and to all organisers for trust given to us and also for valuable experiences we could get.

We are looking forward to the next year and who knows, maybe we will manage to organise the event in our “home” street Žerotínova 🙂